Welcome to Doll-Printies, a huge collection of fashion doll-sized printables for your entire dollhouse! These printables are the perfect size for Barbie dolls, Monster High dolls, Blythe, and all your playscale friends.

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new 10/8/20 Colophon updated!

new 8/3/20 PDF How-To section updated with modern software!

new 10/28/19 Personal section added!

new 8/13/19 Links and About updated!

new 2/23/17 DVDs updated! New items in every section, plus anime!

new 2/7/17 Computers updated!

Macs, PCs, accessories, and software for your playscale friends~

new 1/28/17 Kitchen items added!

2 pages of kitchen stuff; microwaves, tea sets, and even mini fridges!

new 1/25/17 Wearables added! Shoeboxes, handbags, even boxes of undies~

new 1/24/17 Breakfast Cereal added! Real vintage and fake cereal boxes in playscale sizes!

new 1/15/17 Backpacks added!

new 1/13/17 Garage updated! Do your dolls need a motorcycle? A watering can? Maybe a gun? You've come to the right place.

new 1/12/17 Cleaning Products added! Bath section also added. Four entire pages of bath items!

new 1/11/17 Seats added!

new 1/8/17 TV section added! Modern and old styles available, plus accessories! Fast food section also added! Print out some pizzas for a party~

new 1/7/17 DVD section added! Lots of doll-sized DVD movies for a lazy night in on the weekend~

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